The birth of Light Wings Holistic Center

Light Wings is the beautiful result of having chosen to live my own experience. Through what I once thought of as mistakes, but today I know that it's all part of my personal growing, I've learned that in order to love others, I have to first to love myself

I receive so many beautiful answers through divine signals which I interpret daily that I decided to share all that I've learned. I once said to myself “There's no such divine experience than seeing how other people find that place, that environment and that love that let them be themselves.” That's how I received the answer from the Universe, which allowed to create what today is Light Wings Holistic Center, “your center.”


Ana Luna – master reiki, crts, lsh

I was born in Colombia and since 2012 I'm Master Reiki. Since I was little, I knew that in my hands was the divine gift of healing, which allows me to channel the Universe's vital energy. Many years ago, I used the technique of laying my hands to balance the body and heal it. It was then when I became interested in alternative therapies where I can use my hands as a tool to channel the Universe's vital energy, in order to help you. In 2013 I became CTRS - Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist through CARE – Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education / NTCB – Natural Therapies Certification Board and LHS - Licensed Spiritual Healer- through The Spiritual Healer License Board. It was during this beautiful phase of my personal growing when I understood that through self-loving me and the use of aromatherapy and essential oils, I could start to flow and connect with my true, unique essence or divine being